Individual Registration

Data Entry Cost

Your Personal Details (documents, files, certificates etc) can be added by Seamanbook Team ,with an extra cost ,according to the following packages.
  • Basic Package: 20€
  • Advanced & Premium Package: Free 

For any clarification, do not hesitate to contact us at :  or send an email at: in order to arrange an appointment at our office.

Our annual packages
FREE0,00 €
BASIC75,00 €
PREMIUM145,00 €
Curriculum Vitae / Profile
Detailed profile creation with all CV details and working experience recording as well as photo uploading option. 
  • Automatic CV generation in PDF format according to shipping industry standards.
  • Unlimited updates
Job Seeking
Access in job advertisements through advanced search engine but with no ability to contact the company or apply your C.V for specific job post.
Reminder For C.V Update
The website reminds you via e-mails to keep your C.V to be always up-to-date (as a result show your availability).
Availability Calendar Shown On Profile
Candidate may define his availability in a special field.
Company ' s Newsletters and Detailed guidance for the various documents and certificates issuance.
Daily maritime news
Smart Companies Filtering
Access in Companies basic profile through advanced search engine.
Advance Smart Companies Filtering
Full Access in company's details through advanced search engine. Furthermore, you have the ability to save your search filters, in order to expedite your next search
Statistics about which companies visit candidate's profile.
Scanned Documents & Certificates
The Candidate has the ability to scan and keep his documents/certificates in a safe place like profile area. (Access to the documents will have the companies who are registered in our company SEAMANBOOK)
Access To Send Your Application In a Job Post
The Candidate has the ability to apply his C.V in any job post.
Notification For Job Post
When a company posts a job with specific qualifications needed the matching candidates will be notified via E-MAIL & SMS
Direct Access to The Company
The system allow to the candidate to have direct access to the company One Time Per Year in order to introduce himself.
Hide – Unhide Profile
Candidate can personalize which details will be shown in their profile
Options to Save Favorite Companies Profiles
Retrieving previous content from companies data viewing.
Calculation of Seaman’s Total Sea Service
The website counts in different ways for all ships' type and for retired purposes candidate's actual sea service.
Calculation of sea service on each vessel type.
Officer MATRIX module is intendment for owners and operators and its scope is to manage the officers’ Matrix information for their vessel. It meets all the requirements set out by OCIMF
Follow Up Document's Expiration
A reminder will be sent 6 months ,3 months and 1 month before expiration, via Sms & E-Mail .
Via the website there is the possibility to perform authentication of seaman’s licence.
Medical Discounts
Via DIAGNOSIS medical center certified by PANDI club, the candidates will be provided with special pricing for themselves.
Various Discounts
Discounts via company’s Partners Network.
* VAT included.