• Is SEAMANBOOK a marine recruitment agent?
    SEAMANBOOK is not a recruitment agent. It is a professional platform for maritime jobs where companies and jobseekers can get the appropriate tools for their needs.
  • I am a recruitment agent, can I advertise on your site?
    All recruiters can benefit from the use of SEAMANBOOK to advertise their vacancies. Owners, managers, agents, lawyers e.t.c are all welcome.
  • How do I advertise on your site?
    If you would like to publish your job vacancies you should register and buy our package. Otherwise, if you don’t want to register but only advertised then you have to contact our support team for advertising costs.
  • Once I have posted my vacancy on the site can I modify details of the post?
    Yes, you can modify the details of your job post at any time as long as the vacancy is posted on the site.
  • Who can apply in a job vacancy?
    Candidates who are registered in basic, advanced or premium package can apply in a job vacancy.
    Candidates who have the free package can not apply.
  • How do job seekers apply for a vacancy?
    When registered job seekers express an interest in your vacancy you will receive their application from the site including their profile. Having reviewed the job seekers details it will then be your decision if you wish to invite them for interview.
  • Is there a limit to the number of jobseeker details I can search on?
    No, there is no limit to the number of job seekers details you can search on.
  • What kind of access can I have on candidates’ profiles?
    You can have unlimited access on candidates’ profile since you are registered in SEAMANBOOK. You can see all the information of candidates profile except their contact details.
    Contact details will be available to you by interested party after your invitation for interview.
  • How do I post my vacancy and how will candidates be informed?
    SEAMANBOOK platform gives the opportunity to the companies to create their own post through a safe and friendly environment.
    All job posts are visible to all registered candidates. 
    The candidates who are registered to advanced or premium package will be informed immediately by SMS and e-mail.
  • How can I manage candidates’ library?
    The platform gives you three tools.
    a) Job post library:
    Every job post has its own library where you can see all candidates’ profile who have applied to this post.
    b) Favorite list:
    You have the option to separate candidates according to your needs and preferences.
    c) Mini search engine:
    You can locate your preferable candidates from your favorite library easier through a search engine.