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Seawind Shipping Services (SSS) is a privately owned ship brokerage firm and Ship Agency developed by two young brothers Mr. Spyros Rodopoulos (Shipbroker) and Mr. Charalambos Rodopoulos (Ship Agent). Seawind Shipping Services (SSS) specializes mainly in Towages, Sales and Purchase, Offshore Chartering as well as a Shipping Agent at Thessaloniki Port.

Main activities of SSS are International Towages, Offshore Chartering, Sale and Purchase (new and used Aht/Ahts,OGT/Salavage Tugs Crew boats, Supply Boats) Barge transportation, Demolition, Ship Agency which enforced Seawind Shipping Services (SSS) to quickly be known as one of the few specialized tug brokers in Northern Greece.

Towage & Salvage

Seawind Shipping Services specialise in the supply of prompt accurate information on the position and status of tugs and supply vessels worldwide. Our Company updates on a regular basis a database containing details of various units. This means that we can provide immediate notice concerning the position, the availability and technical details of the vessels to the benefit of our clients. Emergency responds to any in distress vessel around the world, can be arrange on spot upon Hirers (P and I club, ship-owners, trades) notification.

Offshore Chartering

Seawind Shipping Services is in an excellent position to offer accurate quotation for every kind of floating vessel in order to be used for offshore exploration, production and construction operations. We have the knowledge, the contacts and a wide variety of vessels to be able to suit any kind of purpose and need. Rig moves and drilling campaigns are some of our expertises in oil and gas industry request suitable vessel for positioning, Rig move, cargo runs, supplier duties and any other relevant works.

Sale & Purchase

Seawind Shipping Services is uniquely placed to offer clients a competitive and professional sale and purchase services. In this section of our business our efforts are concentrated mainly on sale NEWBUILDINGS and 2nd Hand Tonnage and procurement of:

  • AHTS ( Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel )
  • AHT ( Anchor Handling Tug )
  • ERRV ( Emergency Response Rescue Vessel )
  • PSV ( Platform Support Vessel )
  • OGT ( Ocean Going Tug )
  • Tug ( Harbour Tug, Terminal Tugs )
  • Boat ( Mooring Boat, Launch Boat, Crew-Fast Boat, Utility Boat )
  • Barge ( Deck Barge, Split Hopper Barge, Work Barge, Accom Barge, Jack –Up Barge )

Our ability is to provide high quality services and information’s concerning investments on various units to any prospective buyers who can have the choice to commit their new purchase on spot, long term or lease back contract.

Barge & Transportation

Seawind Shipping Services has also been active in the field of barge and transportation by offering a variety of services - such as offshore construction, accommodation barges, jack up barges, pipe-laying and platform - to our clients. Our company provides services concerning constructions of ports and any kind of jobs relevant to such needs like transporting materials. We are committed to perform all of our projects in a manner that will preserve the liability and the satisfaction of our clients.

Ship Agency

SEAWIND Shipping Services acting as ship agents in Greek ports on behalf of Ship owners or Charterers was one of the first areas of the business developed by our company.Our primary policy and target is the quick, safe and most economical way of loading and discharging the vessel.

We usually handle:

  • Bulk Cargoes (Grains, Ore, Coal etc)
  • Liquid Cargoes (Crude oil, Gasoline, Veg oils etc)
  • General Cargo
  • Stevedoring & Cargo handling
  • Customs Forwarders
  • Logistics
  • Brokerage

Our trust is quality, professionalism and teamwork has resulted in gaining a strong position within the leading shipping agencies in Greece. We are an fully independent company engaged in the shipping agency, ship broking, chartering and liner agency.

The mission of SSS is to be known by our clients as a reliable partner in the shipping sector, with high quality shipping services standards.

Through our data base of various watercrafts for charter and/or sale and our strong links with various Owners-Charterers and other parties (Rig owners, PandI Clubs, Construction companies, Barge Operators ) worldwide, we are in a place where we can provide quick and quality services 24 hours a day.



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