About Us

SEAMANBOOK is a pioneering and unique on line service in Greece.

A dynamic platform which works as a compass orientating both maritime job seekers and employers in a demanding and special industry such as Shipping.

Having in depth knowledge of the industry’s continuously changing specialized requirements, SEAMANBOOK is here to cover the need for both ship and shore competent personnel.

SEAMANBOOK aims not only to enhance the seamen’s competence standards by means of providing training guidance, but also to further promote towards suitable job openings providing at the same time the employer with a detailed profile of the candidate employee.

The personal contact with the interested candidates, the proper projection and individualized creation of accurate job profiles, are our primary goals.

Moreover, SEAMANBOOK offers a rapidly increasing number of highly skilled professionals to the Shipping Companies thus enabling the employer to select the suitable candidate in a direct, easy, trustworthy and controlled manner.

Fairplay, equal opportunities, trustworthiness, reliability, cross and valid information combined with tailor made advice, constitute the cornerstones of SEAMANBOOK philosophy.

All the above and more, render SEAMANBOOK as the ultimate tool for each and every maritime professional acting in the demanding environment of Shipping business.